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Want to know why your dog is scratching? Or perhaps why your cat is sneezing?
The petMD pet Symptom Checker allows you to easily search over 2,500 dog and cat health articles based on the symptoms your pet is experiencing.
Why is my pet scratching so much? How do I recognize skin conditions? What are roundworms and how do I treat them in my dog? Does my dog have kennel cough?
Find Answers to these questions and hundreds of others relating to your dog or cats health.
All articles are written and approved by veterinarians. Each article contains a detailed description explaining the condition, its symptoms, causes, diagnosis, the best treatment options combined with living and management of the condition, and prevention, if applicable.
And though every petMD article referenced on the Symptom Checker app is written and approved by veterinarians, it should not replace your own veterinarian. The petMD Symptom Checker is meant as a guide to help you understand conditions that may be affecting your pet. Always visit your veterinarian regularly to care for your pet’s health.