petMD Symptom Checker App Reviews

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This app is pawsome!!

See what I did there? Anyways, wow what an amazing compilation of symptoms! This is incredibly helpful, especially when on vacation and not near a computer, like when I am camping/hiking/rock climbing/base jumping/shark diving/hang gliding/volcano surfing. In all seriousness, this is a great mobile tool to find out what may be ailing my dog quickly, and it is much appreciated! Thanks for making this!! Love it!

Money and worry saver

This app has been my go to tool when my little girl isnt acting like herself. This had put my mind to rest to help me figure out possibilities of what could be going on with her. I love this app and it is really helping me to learn more about being a first time pet parent. Thank you for creating!!

App is great!

App works great. No crashing issues. Easy to use and helpful in determining when to call the Vet.

Wonderful app!

Being a pet parent, I tend to always worry about my dog Ruby. Anytime I see something wrong with her, I need to look it up right away to make sure I shouldnt take her to the vet. Thanks to petMD, I can now set my mind at ease. Within a few seconds, I have the answers I need to know as to whether or not Ruby is okay. It also saves me a trip to the vet! Thanks for making my life easier petMD!

Excellent Pet Health Reference Tool!

This is a powerful reference for my senior dogs health. I have a 16-year old Shiba Inu who survived a stroke last Summer and have been using this app ever since. It works beautifully on my iPad in both 1x and 2x sizes, pulling up content that was written by Veterinarians and is relevant to the behavior I see my dog exhibiting. The quality and relevance of the articles is the best Ive seen anywhere for Pet parents like me, and I recommend it highly for anyone who wants to keep their finger on the pulse of their pets health before turning to the Vet. Thanks petMD!

Great app to have if you love your pets!

This app is awesome to have on the go. If you have any questions about your dog/cat, this is the go to app. Its informational, helpful, and handy to have. Tons of articles to keep you informed! Love PetMD!

Saved me so much time!

This app is awesome! It saved me so much time from having browse generalized search results on search engines! It helped me identify that there was not something seriously wrong with my baby Elvis(cat)!

Worrying less and playing more!

Im a constant worrier and thats no exception when it comes to my bichon poo Roos health and well being. The PetMD symptom checker app has given me a quick and easy way to get peace of mind about whats going on with Roo. I used it just last night as Roo has been excessively licking her paws. The app helped me determine that its probably a common nail disorder so were off to the vet today to get Roo relief! I was so happy to find that its likely a minor issue. Thanks Petmd!!!

petMD launches a winner!

Extremely impressive! App is super easy to use - you simply pick the area you need info on (behavior issue, stomach issue, etc) and check off the symptoms you are observing in your pet. petMD then serves up a list of articles that provide more info on those symptoms and diseases/conditions that those symptoms could be indicative of. The results were spot-on and now I have a better idea of what the symptoms mean, the prognosis, and which questions I need to ask my vet. I am still worried, but now at least I have the info and better knowledge about my Dogs situation...great app, easy to use, and - most importantly - full of useful info. If you have a pet, you need to have this app.

Very helpful App!

Th petMD Symptom Checker is extremely simple to use. I often worry about my cat, Daisy, and this app helps keep my mind at ease. I love how you can select the problem area, followed by the symptoms, and be taken to the potential cause! There is truly no other app that comes close to this! I will recommend the petMD Symptom Checker to other pet owners.

iPhone 5 and iOS 7

Come on guys!! You can update the ones for humans, but not for the animals??


Bad info. Crashes.

awesome app

This app is great. Everything I could need to know is right at my fingertips!

Great app

I love having this app. If something seems a little funny with my dog I can get an idea of whats going on. Thank you petMD I mean it -signed by a true pet parent


The description says that its supposed to work for cat AND dog symptoms, yet every time I launch it, it crashes. If this is supposed to be for both types of pets, why is it called a dog symptom finder? Also, no app like this just for cats!

Good app

I really like this app. Its helped me with some minor problems with my dog or when she had a heart murmur. There were a lot of articles which helped me understand and sound smarter when I took my dog to the vet. I would like to see more farm animals in the pet selection because its not very easy to get a vet around here. Anyways its a good app.

Fantastic Information

What an amazing tool that provides so much information, yet is simple and easy to use. Everything I need, right at my finger tips! Thank you, from a busy working mom, wife and pet parent! ~ love love love this!

Very helpful while on the go

Hi - I use this app when not around my computer and when I have pet health question while walking my dog. It is simple quick and easy to use


This ap is pretty awesome, it has been very informative. When my dog got sick I looked her symptoms up and it let me know I needed to take her in. Luckily she was given medication on time and is now doing well. Keep up the good work!

Ok, but not great

I wish this app combined symptoms with behavior and issues with parts of the body. For example- what if my pet was acting lethargic and had vomiting? It seems you could narrow in on an issue if you didnt have to choose one OR the other.